Tricats Consulting Group

Client satisfaction guaranteed on every project and every deliverable


Tricats Consulting Group, LLC

Incorporated in 2004, Tricats Consulting Group is a top-rated technology and marketing consulting firm located in the Pacific Northwest.

We offer clients multiple consulting services including

  • Custom website design
  • Website architecture and development
  • Cloud migration services
  • Business Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Marketing and Go-to-Market deliverables.

Tricats operates with a tactical team of highly skilled, locally based professionals. 

We keep our operational costs low to help ensure each client gets the results they need, on time and within budget. 

We stand behind our work and guarantee client satisfaction on every project and every deliverable.

Please connect with us if you have any questions about our services, completed projects, references and rates. 

We always enjoy discussing new initiatives and meeting new clients.  Thanks for considering Tricats!

Please connect with Marc Pollard at 1-206-661-2810 or email


Custom Websites

Every organization needs a great website. 

After all, your site is a reflection of your business and often the first introduction between your business and a potential customer.

Building a great website is surprisingly hard.  It requires upfront analysis to determine who will use the site, and how they will use it.  The site must be visually compelling and easy to use and navigate.  It' must allow for language localization based upon location or user preference.  It must employ search engine optimization strategies, yet prevent unauthorized or malicious use.

Tricats consultants have been designing and building custom, scalable websites for many years, for Microsoft and other major enterprises.  We specialize in ASP.NET, C#, and MVC for our core development services, but we also integrate with numerous open source systems.  If localization is needed we can offer our proprietary SmartLoc automated localization software.  We also offer the option to include artificial intelligence "bots" on each site, helping to improve customer service and reduce support costs.

Transition to the Cloud

Cloud computing offers organizations a host of benefits including automated disaster recovery, bandwidth scaling, untethered workspaces, enhanced security and more.  However, the prospect of moving to the cloud can be daunting for those new to the technology.  Which service to use?  How to migrate data and applications?  How to ensure customer and business privacy and security?

Tricats can help you determine the best service to use, and work with your team to define the best approach for account set-up, configuration and management, scalability and failover on any application framework.

Business Analytics and Intelligence

For many organizations the challenge isn't having enough data.  Rather, it's being able to access and integrate the data, and present it across multiple, customized dimensions that help individuals make informed decisions.

Our Business Analysts have extensive business experience and are experts with multiple data formats and management tools.  We are particularly skilled with Microsoft Excel, Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI.  That said, our goal is to first conduct an in-depth analysis of coustomer needs.  What data is available? Who are the users?  What are the access and security requirements?  What's the refresh schedule?  Armed with that information, we can custom tailor the data presentation requirements to best serve individual and business needs.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how your data can help you grow your business.



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